This is the beginning of everything. –King Frank

We came from hustling on the set, my divinity prepped/ Wrote this flow, in my immunity to talk to my community/ Block, it’s getting hot, yo the enemy shot/ mad negus getting popped, by these industry cops/ yo when Europe turned municipal and sanctioned natives criminals/ they took away the principle for rights of individuals/ uh, I’m on my gully negus, watch for the time/ If I exist, then God is present in the African mind/ I’m getting mine, get in line, if you wish to survive/ How many kills, it’s getting real, they want us dead or alive/ Bitch I’m Malcom and Taj, I’m bumping Pac when I ride/ When the nation bumping C.H.O.P, they gon know we arrived/ Pray you heed to the signs, manifested design/ I’m out the matrix, negus face it, Judah back for his pride…



Meet the Master Paintress

Egypt English


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