2018 Manifest


2018 the Year of Manifest

Each year we each embark on is always a year or something…either you fill in the blank, or you don’t, eh. Truth is often we do not fill in the blank, and we end our year with little to show because we neglected to establish a clear vision of all that we desired to see come to fruition. How much we neglected our past year will reveal its no or low hanging fruit come the dawn of the new year—our current year. Let this be the year you move and maneuver in such a way that you blink once and 2019 slows down to roll out a red carpet embroidered in golds and lined with silvers for You.

All that you do and neglect to do will matter, yet, not all that is done will transmute to matter, and still, nothing is ever truly wasted.

Yours in Love Truly Always Continue reading “2018 Manifest”

Love, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

LoveTrip to Sappony | Farewells, Best Wishes & Time Out with the Tribe

Think of it like this—two country bumpkins packing up life and love, tossing it all in suitcases and moving trucks, then traveling 10.5 hours from a world primarily composed of tobacco fields, farmland, and cow pies, to a world of big city skyscrapers and never ending traffic jams!

#WeddedWednesday | The dress? The Honeymoon? Uh, the ceremony?

We, two, are no good at wedding planning. Sad, but no less true.

Our “Celebration of Love” has been schedule as you know for September 17th of this year, which was conveniently 9 months away back in January when we finally said Yes! to the date. Well now, it’s inconveniently a lot closer and not even a stitch has been placed into a dress. Eh.  Continue reading “#WeddedWednesday | The dress? The Honeymoon? Uh, the ceremony?”