Love, Sex and Happily Forever After

I haven’t quite put my finger on my exact purpose in life, but I’m pretty sure whatever it is has a whole lot to do with love—so let us make this a journey to remember.

For my Nadira’s Locs supporters, I send my love and thanks for your follows, comments, likes and reblogs. I initially took down the site to revamp it and take it to the next level. However after about Where is the Corona ?three months I got frustrated—my inspiration had vanished. I was crushed emotionally. See when I first published Nadira’s Locs I was convinced I had finally found my blogging niche. However, after a year’s worth of soul searching, future planning and weekenders with the Hunny, I realized my niche has always been is my passion. And for as long as I can remember, my passion has always been the quest for true love.

So with my reality in check and my faith in my purpose renewed I’ve spent the last month creating LoveTrips the BLOG. This time around everything fell right into place perfectly, because I was acting on faith and moving with passion. My goal is keep LoveTrips educational and informative, but always down-to-earth and a little bit silly. After all I’m a fun-loving person, and my life is filled with fun-times.  If you are struggling in love or you just love the thought of love, this site is for you.

My Purpose:Photo of Moor couple intimate love moment

  • Inspire by sharing my love story, our trials and triumphs
  • Encourage by sharing my journey to find self
  • Challenge people to love themselves before trying to love another
  • Support by helping others prepare for love
  • Teach individuals and couples to embrace their sexuality

There is/will be something for everyone on LoveTrips: lessons, advice, tips, videos, erotics, books, poetry, art and music. Stay tuned and feel free to support my purpose.

Peace & Love


I want to hear from you! What is important for you when it comes to love and sex?

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Written by Egypt English

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