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Eventually you come to a point in life at which you will be faced with two choices: continue to live your life existing on the edge or run as fast as you can, leap into the unknown and free fall through time.

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Sunday’s Best

My only consistency is change. It took me a while to realize this constant changing can be a blessing just as a much as it has been a curse. Growing up, I was always a jack-of-all-trades. I never grew out of it. It is fair to say I’ve also always been somewhat of an anomaly. I never fit in with kids or teens my age—nowadays not many adults. I was never one for narrow-minded people or immature games. I was always ready to get to prime of my life. I just wanted to be free of all constraints and restraints. I had a desire to live and do whatever made me happy.

E. English Feeling myself
A long way from Kansas

Needless to say, I kept a very tight circle of friends and family. I was different by design, different by ever changing social standards and most importantly different by choice. By senior year of high school, I was searching high, low and wide for a college I could escape to. I was tired of being in Virginia, being just country girl. From North Carolina to Florida, I searched and applied. But even after getting accepted to 2 out of 3 universities I applied to, I still was not happy with my choices. Virginia Commonwealth just wasn’t far enough away, and Johnson and Wales of Florida was 14 hours too far for my family. So I turned to Google one more time and I searched “Maryland Colleges.” The first school in the search: Frostburg State University. And two years into my college career I found out it is virtually impossible for Frostburg to be the first unpaid result in a “Maryland Colleges” search. Regardless, FSU popped up numero uno, and the beautiful photos of spring captivated me. So I Applied. Was accepted. Visited. Then packed. I embarked on a journey to a winter wonderland to explore the depths of me. Along the way I found Egypt, and a few other faces I never knew I’d been hiding. In those beautiful, yet cold mountains I met my insecurities, confronted many fears and learned many hard to swallow lessons. However, there I also found my style, my muses, my voice, my wild side and begin to find a just-be kinda peace within myself. And of course love found me in those mountains.

Peace & Love


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Writer, Loveologist and Publisher, E. English was reborn and reared in Sapponi country, fell in lust with poetry, studied English Literature in Western Maryland, then learned the streets and suckled the bittersweet tits of Great Mother Piscataway. E's world evolves around the exercising of the power of love to help others live healthy, happy and healed lives filled with abundance and wealth.

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