Pocahontas leaping from cliff

Eventually you come to a point in life at which you will be faced with two choices: continue to live your life existing on the edge or run as fast as you can, leap into the unknown and free fall through time.

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Dance Seaera, Dance Your Life Away

Sunday’s Best

My only consistency is change. It took me a while to realize this constant changing can be a blessing just as a much as it has been a curse. Growing up, I was always a jack-of-all-trades. I never grew out of it. It is fair to say I’ve also always been somewhat of an anomaly. I never fit in with kids or teens my age—nowadays not many adults. I was never one for narrow-minded people or immature games. I was always ready to get to prime of my life. I just wanted to be free of all constraints and restraints. I had a desire to live and do whatever made me happy.

E. English Feeling myself

A long way from Kansas

Needless to say, I kept a very tight circle of friends and family. I was different by design, different by ever changing social standards and most importantly different by choice. By senior year of high school, I was searching high, low and wide for a college I could escape to. I was tired of being in Virginia, being just country girl. From North Carolina to Florida, I searched and applied. But even after getting accepted to 2 out of 3 universities I applied to, I still was not happy with my choices. Virginia Commonwealth just wasn’t far enough away, and Johnson and Wales of Florida was 14 hours too far for my family. So I turned to Google one more time and I searched “Maryland Colleges.” The first school in the search: Frostburg State University. And two years into my college career I found out it is virtually impossible for Frostburg to be the first unpaid result in a “Maryland Colleges” search. Regardless, FSU popped up numero uno, and the beautiful photos of spring captivated me. So I Applied. Was accepted. Visited. Then packed. I embarked on a journey to a winter wonderland to explore the depths of me. Along the way I found Egypt, and a few other faces I never knew I’d been hiding. In those beautiful, yet cold mountains I met my insecurities, confronted many fears and learned many hard to swallow lessons. However, there I also found my style, my muses, my voice, my wild side and begin to find a just-be kinda peace within myself. And of course love found me in those mountains.

Peace & Love


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