Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Frank and I being separated by DC/Maryland/Virginia borders. This past year has been a struggle, mentally, physically, financially, spiritually, and a lot of other words that end in -ly. Nevertheless, through the ups, downs, tears and frustrations we have stayed true to our one goal: MTA - Maryland trafficReunited. And finally this past weekend we decided finding our cuddle space is long since overdue, and moving back together can now be a realistic priority. So once again we are going to take a leap of faith, because planning followed by no attempts to execute is equivalent to no planning in my book.

Since last August we have been in grind mode. From launching my jewelry line and cosmetic trials to branding myself, pursing my publishing dreams, releasing two blogs and more—I have merely been trying to keep up with Frank. See, there have been days this year I’ve had my face in my pillowing crying “Woe are we” over Skype—and Frank just listens, comforts me, Frank_and_Egypt_Goofygoes to sleep, then wakes up the next morning and works even harder from before sunup long into the wee hours of the night. In a year I’ve watched him grow into man I almost don’t recognize, but for all good reasons. For 364 days, I’ve had to sit back and let him be the man as he refused to slow down, worked his body till it ached and pained and became a walking, coughing, and sneezing zombie from fatigue and exhaustion on more than one occasion. Yet in those same days, he’s become a paid entrepreneur, landed his dream career, been a full-time student, stayed consistent with his music production and maintained his side hustles—all while still volunteering his time to family and friends. Seeing him so steadfast in his pursuit of our future has made me a more fearless woman, consciously unbreakable and even more smitten with his existence.

We could have complained this whole time, and been complacent. When we first split we could have settled for the Woe are we’s, and the universe hates me’s, but we refused to be subject to our environment. Since day one our love has always been priority numero uno—and more important than any circumstance. Yes, having to tie loose ends in both states split us apart. Finances keep us apart for an extended stay. However, faith, planning, creating our own opportunities, working with our individual strengths, saving as many pennies as possible, and lots of elbow grease is bringing us back together: with two pretty cool portfolios, if I may add. Ambition is why we will not fall and stay down. But most important—our love is why we could never be static and we refuse to be statistics.

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0 thoughts on “Late nights, early mornings, and a place for cuddle time

  1. I’ve been reading some of these blogs for a while now, I read about a lot of heartbreak or the “first love” stages. So it’s rewarding to read about a love that makes it despite the struggle. It can’t be easy, but this post gives me hope in the potential of what a relationship can be. Thanks!

    1. Jahla! Thank you for this thought. I started this blog as a place of hope and inspiration. I’m actually a wee bit overwhelmed with joy that you received this post as such. Not to mention, your thought gave me a spark of inspiration. So thank you again! Side note: Very little is going to be easy in a committed relationship, especially if you want to constantly grow and build together. We’ve just learned it’s easier to play on each others strengths, pick up each others slack and stabilized each others weak points. ♥ E.E.

  2. I hope to see more on this! I have read your wine-bottle breaking moment up to this moment and I think this is a great place to be! I am happy for you! I hope there are many more first and wonderfully amazing ones at that!

    1. Lady CAS thank you so, so much. I pray I’m blessed with the time and energy to write more. Your thoughts bring me so much happiness, a small sense of fulfillment. I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement. Jahla! ♥E.E.

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