Get yourself together Egypt, you're wasting your life

Egypt's Happy FaceI have always been bad with my time . . . and money, but that’s a tale for another day. Time is the most precious commodity anyone can have, because in reality time really is money—simply waiting for conversion. The more time you have the more opportunity you have to make money, earn some sort of currency or exchangeable resource. Yes, I like to be politically correct. Well in light of so many changes in my life, I made a long over due decision to really get as organized as possibleEgypt's new planner before Frank and I make our next big move. See we both have so many things we would like to get done in the next year—most of which deals in business, marketing, publishing and music and film productions. However, I’m a writer, he’s an artist and neither of us are the organized file cabinets and manila folder type. So, I figured if we are going to get anything done one of us has to come up with a game plan and organizational system that works for all of our craziness.

Long story short, I put together a planner for myself and I grabbed a journal. My mission is to start planning out my weeks, my goals Egypt's new plannerand keeping track of my thoughts and progress. My biggest hurdle with this will be the commitment required to making this work for myself first. The latter is why I’m going back to basics . . . babies learn to roll before they learn to crawl. The irony is I’m truly in love with my reckless ability to be so unorganized and still get things done. Nevertheless, I’ve grown a lot in the last year or so, and I realize now there is so much more I can do to be more efficient and more productive. Thus it is time to start rolling.

Peace & Always Love


Written by Egypt English

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