I Sit Back and Think I’m One Bad Mu’fxcka…

Hand me my track record…let me teach you a few things about life. See I’ve learn you’ve gotta dig so deep inside yourself that your fingers begin to bleed—either from all of the toiling or the scraping away at your tissues and bones to get to heart of your soul: either way you may have to do a whole lot of digging.

One of these days you’re going to have to go looking for yourself –that’s what the hell I had to do. I got lost. Somehow I got distracted by my mental and I ended up chin deep in I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do about life. No, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I ain’t even recognize my own face, but that didn’t stop me from slapping the shit outta me and pulling self up out the muck. Cause it took me a while, but I did some remembering– I’ve been through that thing we call hell quite a few times in my past and hey, the journey always ends staring up at some sort of pearly gates—so I brushed self off, shook a lil sense back into flesh–then we were off again–this time I found it easier, and helluva less stressful to just carry her ass.

  —Book of Egypt

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  1. We all have to do it sometimes! It does get easier each time because we learn something from the journey each time that makes us spring back faster each journey! You got it Mama, Keep pushing!

    1. That is the truth love. This journey has been filled with ups and downs, and some very rough roads, but as you said– I bounce back so much faster each time using the lessons I’ve learned. I will be pushing until I break free.

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