Spring 2011 Living Single

So what? I’m single. Let’s try to max out this credit card in a day.

Feeling Myself

A night with the ladies – – May 2011

After my wine bottle-breaking catastrophe in November 2010, for the first time in my relationship-life I was single for more than two months with no cares of finding a bae or being bunned up. I was focusing on me and what made me happy. I was spending more time with my girlfriends, writing poetry daily, and getting my school work done — on time. I was no longer focused solely on being in a relationship with anyone expect myself. Sure I was seeing someone here or there, but I was in no rush to go steady or fall in like or love. I was actually having fun. My suitors then were all merely good company and conversation—with no strings attached and no intimacy.

Deuce Deuce 22 Birthday in Morgantown, WV , white dress

Deuce Deuce B-Day Celebration – – April 2011

So, fully embracing my single-ship for the first time, I threw myself a Deuce, Deuce Celebration for my twenty-second birthday. I rented a chic hotel room, DIY’ed an all-white cupcake dress; then myself and 5 girlfriends painted Morgantown, West Virginia for a night, pole danced on street lamps, drank to our limits and shopped till we dropped the next morning. After arriving back in Frostburg, my bestest and I stopped by the tattoo shop, she got a piercing, and I got my tongue pierced—a notch in my bucket list.

Do I regret spending a thousand plus dollars of borrowed funds in one day? Do I regret turning up with no turn down button? Do I regret the birthday dance from the beautiful exotic dancer at the night club? NO! Never. For the first time, I was living, taking in the scenery, off-roadin’ without road maps . . . only surviving by the rules my mother gave me: Be careful, get your education, know your surroundings, always let someone know where you are going, travel in groups if possible, have fun and and enjoy your life. Would I ever go to that extreme again? Well I won’t say never, but I don’t feel I need to do that again. . . I did it once that was plenty.

Until next time,

Peace & Always Love


10 thoughts on “So what? I’m single. Let’s try to max out this credit card in a day.

  1. ladycamecu says:

    I think we all have ventured on the wild side. I did have a truly DUMB few moments in undergrad that I am so glad I am still alive to tell about! They were fun I did it and I don’t regret them but like you said…No need to do it again necessarily and if I did there is definitely a safer way to do it, LOL. *thinking back on my wilder days and wondering now if I should PLAN one with the hubs* 😉


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