Sand Springs Saloon & Steakhouse - (edited)

Spring semester of 2011 was coming to a close when Frank and I first informally met. Denise, a mutual friend of ours had just graduated. She invited both, Frank and I, along with others to a late-night graduation get-together to celebrate her last days in the mountains of Frostburg. We all met up at one of the Burg’s best restaurants: Sand Springs Saloon & Steakhouse — for a night I will always remember.

We spent most of the night laughing, joking and reminiscing about the fun times and the late nights we had all shared over drinks. Frank and I had not said much to each other—after all, we knew very little of one another, and at the time I could not even remember his name. Everyone at the table was a member of the gospel choir I was singing in except him. He did frequent the choir rehearsals with Monic as a guest, so that became our common ground. Nevertheless, he stole a moment to forever stamp his presence in my memories, and to subtly hint at his interest in me. Mid-sentence, about something pertaining to the choir, he interrupted me and said with no fxcks given “I like your tongue ring.”


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