Sometimes I can’t help but look at my life, my trials and tribulations, my up and downs and my complicated purpose— and then ask the Universe “why me?” And the Universe usually replies in the form of thought; which I write down using an array of words. Only then do I understand once more why me. I understand now. . . obtaining all that I desire in life requires me to make good use of my God-given talents, gifts and experiences. I further understand my life at present is simply a compilation of decisions I have made prior to any current moment. I have accepted that if I want my future to be brighter than my present, well, I have to make more educated and determined decisions today.

Your life. Your rule. Your entrapment or your freedom — you decide. [sic]

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  1. Sometimes when I ask, “why me?” the response I get is, “why not you!?!” In other words you would be the perfect person to advocate through this circumstance, give a testimony, deal with the trial and gain the reward, and/ or simply break out of my comfort zone and deal with something different (because it’s not always bad just new or different and I may not like it because I do not understand it or feel comfortable).

    1. You continuously add wee bit more life to my blog and day! “…you would be the perfect person to advocate through this circumstance” <— That!!! ♥ Lmbo I was highlighting to quote you and I literally had over 80% of your comment highlighted before I realized that was a little bit o.c. Thank you Lady, jahla!

      1. Glad I could help! We all need some uplifting at times! When we are going through these things it just means that we are usually on the right track because we are stumbling and finding our way instead of falling and staying down! Continue to be a fighter for life and love! 🙂

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