In countless ways, Frank and I are complete opposites. For instance, Frank is the die-hard, fxck the worldly standards revolutionary in a business suit at a Fortune 500 event, who rarely censors his thoughts, words or actions. Me on the other hand, well I’m the life-loving, hieroglyph reading, poetry spitting, flower child, with my head in a law book, but don’t test me because I’m nice with the hands type. I like to think we compliment each other very well, wouldn’t you agree? 

See we’ve basically built our relationship around the philosophy,  if we desire it bad enough—we can have it. The words “can’t” and “impossible” or any variations of either are inconceivable when it comes to our future—love, life, careers, entrepreneurship, health, adventures, passions, dreams, goals, visions, or whatever.

Progress for us is normally one consistent incline. Here and there falls from our plateaus cause us to hit the ground hard enough to be propelled back into the air and land just a little higher than before. Yet through it all we’ve always managed to remain hand-in-hand, or at least heart connected to heart. We help each other up, wipe off the dust bunnies, and proceed in or pursuit of conquering the world.

Peace & Always Love


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