LadyCAS, who spends her days dropping life updates and educational gems on her blog Myasthenia Gravis, nominated myself and LoveTrips™ for the Encouraging Thunder Award. I am very grateful and honored that my words could resonate with anyone, especially LadyCas who has such a powerful story of her own. I admire her journey and her transparency while overcoming myasthenia gravis. I am positive you will also admire her life and passion for sharing her story after you’ve dropped by her blog, and had your first of many reads.

What is my purpose for blogging?

L-O-V-E. I love life. I love to write. I love to paint. Love found me. Love changed me. Love has me building a future that is surreal to many people—including myself and King. By trade, I am a love specialist, a Law of Attraction Practitioner, and also a believer that the best teaching and counseling is that which is done through experience. Therefore, my purpose is to share my life, love and career experiences with the world, in order, to help others build their own ridiculously surreal futures.

What you can do with this award?
  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other encouraging bloggers the award
What you can’t do with this award?
  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it is your logo
What should I do after receiving the award?
  • Enjoy it! And be encourage to continue writing and growing
  • Give thanks via comments and likes and mention the person nominating you
  • Mention your purpose in blogging or joining the social media

encouraging-thunder-award LoveTrips™

And now for the nominees. . .

I am old school, plus I love fairy tales, so my magic number is three. You’d best believe narrowing 290+ fabulous blogs down 3 is a major feat. So without further ado, the following blogs and bloggers often have a way of halting my busy schedule long enough for me to steal a quick glance at their craftings:

Fedora & Fedora Loves Poetry — Art in its many forms has always captivated me. First was the art of poetry, later the arts of love and romance, and finally, to date, are the arts of intimacy and the knocking of boots. Fedora Loves Poetry strikes each of those art forms and many others. My hat is tipped constantly to Queen Fedora and her wondrous realm of poetry verses and poetic prose.

Kushite Prince & Kushite Kingdom — Peace, Hotep, Jahla Moor! Such an award on my behalf to the Kushite Prince is long over due. The mission of Kushite Kingdom is clear and not be confused with anything other than the uplifting and restoration of my copper skinned brothers and sister of indigenous descent to their divine placement in the world. From cosmology and politics to sex and education, Kushite Kingdom offers a wealth of often hidden knowledge.

Tricia & Never Less Than Amazing — Tricia is one strong mother on an extraordinary mission to showcase to the world her amazing son Ben, who just happens to be autistic. Ben is actively involved with helping Tricia write and critique their blog.Together they seek to educate and increase autism awareness. I love being part of their journey and learning more about their ups, downs and family triumphs.

Write on Kings & Queens, write on!

Thank you, thank you and thank you again LadyCAS for your nomination. Peace & Always Love.

♥ Egypt E.

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  1. Thank you sis! I consider it a great honor coming from a queen such as yourself. I use my blog to open up the minds of my people as best I can. We have real enemies in this world that want to continue to oppress those with heavy melanin. It is my job to expose the evil tactics they use against my people. Way too many of our people are brainwashed to hate themselves and love their enemy. I aim to change that. I want complete liberation of the minds and souls of black people. And I make no apologies for that. I have even been attacked on my own blog by my people. Which proves that many of our people hate to hear the truth. But regardless, I push on for liberation and equal justice under the law. Thank you again.
    Sending love and light to you and your family. <3

    1. You are welcome, because you are so deserving! Your purpose is great and that alone will cause you to be attacked and scrutinized from every angle. Lolz that’s when you know you are doing something in accordance with your higher self. Lower consciousnesses just won’t understand. Nevertheless, the more you spread light, knowledge and not flesh the faster and wider eyes will be opened. Continue to be diligent brother–your deeds and hardwork may go unawarded, but never un-noticed: someone is always watching. Jahla, Peace! –♥Egypt 🙂

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