Flaming Horse

Book of Egypt: Hell Fires

It’s just one of the days, so please, don’t stop dancing just because it rains. Two steps forward, then back three or four. I was traveling up, but I’m down now, lower than I was when I started this journey…

Dark days. Those days when the sun meets my eyes before I even know I’m awake, but its rays appear dull and to my heart they’re cold like ice—those are the days I used to fear the most. Nowadays I just know they are possible. Bad news or unwanted news often sends the most optimistic person into a downward emotional spiral. I, like you are human—and it takes a lot of inner endurance and strength for our human brains to escape the disappointments life can throw our way. I’m learning, as I hope you are too, that I have to pick up my fallen spirit, tuck it neatly or cram it forcefully back inside of self and go on with life.

Understand, know, realize, accept: life will go on even when you stop moving. The only thing you will loose in the process of being stagnant is the time you would have had to escape your hell. The last place on earth you want to stand still in is Hell. However, if you’re looking to burn yourself inside out—by all means—remain still, stand firm and don’t move. For me, I am all about escaping from the furnace–singed, but never charred. Though, you may see break free ablaze and tail-end flaming hot— I’ll be free. I will stop, drop and roll—yes, with time my wounds will heal—my scars will become testaments of my journey out of Hell. 

—– The Book of Egypt: Hell Fires

If you‘re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

Orignally Posted: 2015/07/15 1:12:36 pm – NadirasLocs.com 

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