As Frank and I approach a crucial transitioning point in life and love (more on that when the time is right) our external stresses begin to rise like ominous smoke clouds from every direction.

I am not the type to fold under extreme pressure. Nevertheless, I do possess a notable habit of having catastrophic melt downs here and there or over-the-top mental explosions, but I always figure out a way to regain my sanity and push forward. On the other hand, Frank is the calm cool and collective one. When I’m raving and ranting, he is my therapist. However, for the past year the tables have been tipping ever so slightly. As he takes on more and more responsibility and project, I find myself being his therapist, his cheerleader. Believe it or not, even the strongest of Kings has a breaking point. Therefore, I believe as Frank’s Queen it is also my duty, to make sure he never reaches that point of self destruction.

That, Queens and Kings, is what true and unconditional love is all about–feeling and being accountable for the one you have vowed your heart and life to. Once you make a conscious decision to love someone forever plus 80 years, you’ve agreed to be equally accountable for their mental, physical, spiritual, intimate, and sexual well-being—long after the dusty hands of time pull you two from Earth. #FoodForThought

This weekend will be planning and crafting time for me. Next week I’ll be back to painting pictures, but until then,

Peace & Always Love


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