Oh how I loathe making promises I cannot keep. Although my intention going into last week was to paint more portraits for you all—you can see that did not happen. Nevertheless, I am not one for making excuses, but I figure I should keep you all informed with the happenings in the crazy world of Frank & E. 

Last week I put in my 2.5 weeks notice at my job. Once again Frank and I are on a move of faith. I do not have a job confirmed in Maryland yet, but this move has been classified: Now or Never. We have been planning for a year now, saving and attempting to become “stable”. We’ve long since accepted that being financially stable is an illusion, so we are okay with love and ambitions being our primary sources of stability for the time being. Our families are behind us. Our friends and co-workers are encouraging us. I am ready to live and so is Frank.

Peace & Love


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