I love reaching milestones. The last two months have been amazing: one subtle milestone after another in life, love, career, and bloglife. Upon publishing LoveTrips™ I really wanted to merge my professional passion for Love Building and LOA coaching with my passion for life, love and creative writing. Well in some ways this has been successful. However, because I am constantly revamping, transitioning and soul-searching I realized I have not stayed completely true to myself as a complete entity.

I am a very professional person in all that I do . . .but I am also super down-to-earth, fun, quirky, a wee bit ratchet—when in Rome— and very, very extraordinary if I may say so myself. With that being said, I do not run my Love Building practice like your traditional counseling or therapy provider—simply by the book. No, I have fun with my clients. They get to know me and Frank. Ultimately we work on creating a nontraditional and individually tailored road map for the future of their relationship. I have not had a complaint thus far☺. That whimsical spirit is what I am preparing to incorporate into LoveTrips™. After all, I have yet to explain the logo and its relation to this blog and my love life. And LoveTrips have yet to be defined — bad me. The reality is, the more extravagant and unconventional parts of my life often invade my professional life ever so subtly, and sometimes pretty bluntly.

Because of  the invasive qualities of the my real-life, along with those of my alter egos, I am super excited to set up shop in Baltimore. I’m officially ready for a blank canvas, a fresh new start, a environment that encourages artist expression, and a chance to explore the deepest corners of my soul and my love. So going forward this blog will be going through some deep rooted changes and taking so sharp turns as Frank & I cruise through these transitions.

Every LoveTrip Frank & I have embraced thus far has catapulted us to a higher consciousness and much bigger goals. So thank you to each one of you who has chosen to jump aboard our love train for some of the most epic rides of our lives . . .to come. Peace & Always Love


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    1. Eeeek! You are killing me lolz. Thank you Lovely so much. I’ll do my best to continue to live up to each of these awards. I can’t wait until I have time to get to know you better, blog and all. ♥Egypt!!!

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