Married, no honeymoon, and who cares about our anniversary

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July 13th 2015 marked Frank and I’s 1 year anniversary being married under our nation’s flag. September 14th 2015 marked our 4 year anniversary as a couple—and believe it or not in the mist of life we have yet to celebrate either anniversary. Each year days or weeks after the date has passed one of us will say with a laugh or chuckle “hey babe we forgot our anniversary. . . again.”

So in honor of our missed anniversaries tomorrow is all about how Frank and I actually started this this quirky lovetrip back in the Fall 2011.

Peace & Always Love


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  1. Happy belated anniversaries!! Actually, my husband and I did not recall the date we started dated. We only recalled the year so we decided our anniversary was Jan 1st lol We also happened to get married on Jan 10th, making it incredibly easy to remember both:-P

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