Denise from Frankly Speaking, another homegirl Nique and Frank were all Mass Communications majors. Prior to meeting me they had all form a brother/sisters bond after starting together as freshman a year behind me. Consider it fate or what have you, but Denise, Nique and I all ended up in the school’s gospel choir together.

Now Frank doesn’t “sing”—Lord knows he’ll try his heart out, but that’s another tale for another day. Regardless, our rehearsals were open to the public, so every now and then he would float into a rehearsal with Nique, and he’d sit behind her section: the Mighty Altos. I sang soprano so my section was directly across from the alto section. Well one night after choir rehearsal Nique and a couple other choir mates came by my apartment for drinks. Back in my college days I was considered the mixologist amongst my circle of friends. Frank on the other hand was professional drinker. According to him and everyone who knew him, he never went anywhere without his bottle of E&J —not even to class, the grocery store, a party or gospel choir rehearsals. He went no where without a bottle. So this particular night Nique had ask if it was okay if Frank came along. She’d swore to him he would love my drinks even though he was the liquor-straight no chaser type of guy he wanted to come. Of course I agreed, and he came over that night.

He never really said much, only sipped the mix I gave him, claimed that he liked it, and shared a laugh here and there.  Nevertheless, the night ended young since it was a school night, and I cleaned up the glasses. I emptied the only half full/half empty glass on the counter. Frank’s glass. The next couple of times the crew came over for drink night, Frank came along as well. Both times he talked more, but still he never finished my drinks.

In real life, I never really questioned Nique about Frank’s wasteful habits, but can’t lie I was a wee bit ticked. On a college student budget nothing is truly cheap, and Ciroc, Bacardi —liquor in general is definitely not cheap. My thoughts at the time: I invite you over, free of charge, make you a dope mixed drink, feed you if needed . . . the least you could do is ask for a to-go cup. I mean seriously at least fake like you really liked the drink you said you came to get.

Until tomorrow . . . Peace & Always Love


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