People who are afraid of failure fear competition.

—Yours Truly ♥

Finding confidence within yourself, along your own path in life, through your own purpose, gifts and talents will open up the possibility for you to do extraordinary things. There is literally no man, no women in this world with a purpose greater than mine . . . not even Frank’s. But why not? Because I am my own measure of greatness. I have a purpose, a mission, a destiny that only I was created and birthed to fulfill—one which no other being no matter how big or small could accomplish. To put it simply, if I live my life and die without ever exercising my purpose, yes the world will still go on, but it would remain like a jigsaw puzzle forever missing a piece. You and your life are no different.

Peace & Always Love


I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.
—Muhammad Ali