So why’d you sip the Kool-Aid?

I slowly started to realize that each time Frank showed up to my apartment for drinks he appeared to be preoccupied. However, I never gave it much thought back then: after all he was just a friend Nique’s and merely an acquaintance of mine.

Nonetheless, a small part of me always wanted to know why he kept coming over for drinks that he never intended to finished. It wasn’t until we had been together for about two years that I actually inquired about his ulterior motives.

“Biblia, botellas, musica” – E. English

The entire time he was simply trying to “feel me out.” Frank said he spent a lot of time analyzing my decor. See, my walls were decorated with re-purposed cardboard turned art pieces and various framed and unframed posters I had collected at our school’s annual poster sale. My table and counter-tops were decorated with empty liquor and wine bottle vases filled with silk flowers and adorned with random arrays of necklaces and bangles. To me, my eccentric re-purposings and arrangement of items were just forms of budget friendly decorating. However, according to Frank — my displays were far from your average HGTV Home designs on a budget, and more like catastrophic mental masterpieces.

Peace & Always Love

—❤Leide E.

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