Update | Stripped down bare

So over the last month I have been going back and forth, over and under trying to visualize a direction for LoveTrips™. Simutaneously, I packed my life up for the 6th time in two years, moved back to Maryland and in with Frank, landed a 9-5 in publishing, started the ground work for a few books and series, perfected 6 recipes, boo-loved non-stop for a month, hosted individual housewarmings, published a local business’ website, painted actual wall art with Hunny, gotten back in the DMV music and event scene, entered a modeling competition, found my Mac foundation, started a library, fell in love again and took a breath here and there.

After four years in love and lust, and many trials and tribulations which inspired our growth, I have had the time to reflect on memories and moments made and the last year — and I must say “I love my life.”

Going forward I’m ready to just be Egypt. And We are okay with going 95% transparent in life. You can find us via Me on Instagram, Twitter, tsu, Periscope (coming soon) and more on the rise. I will do a social media breakdown later, but for now just know each of my social sites depicts a different side of myself and Frank as well.

Of course, I am only one person, and although Frank helps a great deal in the editing of some of my blogs post and graphic design, I may not always post daily. Nevertheless, I will try to post somewhere consistently, probably Twitter. So tweet me topics and we can discuss them via Twitter. As of today my tentative publishing schedule for LoveTrips™ will be Mondays and Wednesdays. For now, I will be playing catch up with my painting and blog updates and life updates. So be patient with me as I get out of relax mode and back to my hustles.

Peace & Love Always,

♥ Egypt E

♥ We welcome your thoughts . . .☺

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