Good great big beautiful Monday morning Kings & Queens ☺,

This one goes out to my King. Call it my #MCM (#ManCrushMonday) post. We’ve been living it up in our new place for a month and some change now—Day 1 it felt like home . . . and I dare say we have been having too much of a blissful time.

We have often found ourselves saying I could have done more today . . . or I could have done anything Lolz. Nevertheless, never got totally complacent, and we are now back to our production and grind.  Simultaneously, I realize more and more each day the King and I exist together I fall madly in love with Him again and again. No matter how hard I grind on a day to day basis, he always out shines me in production. He has a mind for success that works on autopilot day in, day out. I want for nothing. With Him by my side if I decided to take over the world the odds would be in my favor. We wake together, eat together, work together, go out together, learn together, pray together, network together, hustle together and finally fall asleep together. And yes, we have had our differences, but none which lead to arguing, Instead we wake up and live each day in some new form or fashion. I could never fathom spending my 24/7’s, my 365’s with anyone other than Him

King Midas

The beads of water fall from the faucet,

liquid crystals golderizing

as they touched his skin. She

stood outside the curtain, waiting,

for the sound of rain hitting the plastic

rocking horse on the back porch to stop. And when it did, from the now dripping waterfall he emerged

glistening and glittering like lights

dusted in gold.

She proceeded to pull the sari

she held in her small mortal hand around him as it hardened

like gladiator armor.

From her, he took it— leaving her

he ran east across the sky

and trailed behind him her flag of oranges

and purples plated

in gold.



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