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Straight to the point: I’ve been slacking. A lot. Here and there. Over the past year I added so many things to my to do list, so many projects . . . basically anything and everything I want to accomplish in life, love and career. Let’s be honest—the list grows every single day. I’d be lying if I said I could keep up with my own mental some days. At present, I’m working 9-5 to stay alive, but I also have my side hustles which run anywhere from 6 pm to 3 am —if I’m lucky. Believe it or not some days, even after pulling late-nighters, I still wake feeling as if I’ve accomplished nothing. That’s how much I have to get done. . . or at least get started. Every now and then I get so scatterbrained while trying to organize my visions amongst hundreds of loose leaf sheets, countless notebooks, binders and colorful posted notes scribbled with shorthand —I just give up.

Well yesterday was my redefining moment. It happened during our lunch hour, and Frank and I went for a walk down by the Baltimore harbor. In the midst of Him going through his usual bouts with work overloads and explaining his unusual bout with slowing music production, I realized that just maybe we have been trying to catch too many birds in a net all at once.

The solution for both of us: Narrow your focus. For Frank, there is no telling what that means. For me, it’s finally investing all my side hustle attention to LoveTrips™ the BLOG and coming soon LoveTrips™ the HUB. I’m forcing myself to write more and actually type up what I write.

With that being said, I’m most excited about finally having a chance to get to know a lot of you a lot better. So please introduce yourself and drop the link to your blog or one of your Must Reads in the “Thoughts” section below.

I look forward to visiting your world.

Peace & Always Love

♥ Egypt

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