Our impatience is only amplified when we focus too much on what we really desire and not enough on the process to obtain the desired. —You Know Me ☺

In the state of mind where Frank and I exist there is a fire to be dealt with everyday. Not a day goes by that we are not adding something to our to-do lists or our study lists.  And although I have convinced myself I am indeed the most powerful woman in the universe I have began to accept the fact that I am a supernatural being in a human body. Therefore, every time I take on a new project I have to postpone a project on my list. After all, I only have two hands and one brain, and I’m not trying blow a gasket. Nevertheless, I find myself postponing projects weekly. Oh, not to mention I always feel unaccomplished when I have to move something I’m passionate about to the “later pile” in order to start on or complete an equal or greater passion. Definitely a blow to my ego.

If I did a Word of the Day it would probably be PASSION. I feel it’s only fair because I have a burning to desire to accomplish a plethora of feats before I go on the inevitable eternal exploration of time and space. That is the reason I get so frustrated with life some days. See, Frank and I do not believe in microwave fixes for anything. I mean seriously we barely ever nuke our leftovers. Yet we are two of the most impatiently patient individuals you will find. We will fuss and cuss because progress isn’t coming as fast as we’d like, but we’ll spend weeks to month studying every aspect of a decision if it needs to be precisely made. Our impatience is only amplified when we focus too much on what we really desire and not enough on the process to obtain the desired. We want, I want to do so much: from maintaining my online publishing company, starting  a university, building a family, growing my loveology practice, feeding and sheltering the homeless, ushering in a revolutionary movement, painting a masterpiece, spending more time creating for my shop, writing three book series, leading a nationality program for youth, leaving a legacy—to lying on tropic beach, sipping my tea next to Frank and our seed/s. I want to do it all and more.

To achieve the above, lately I’ve been taking steps back. Time to reflect on life, lessons, mistakes and triumphs. That’s when I realized or I should say together we realized we were trying to do entirely too much individually and collectively. So the last few weeks have been about refocusing our energies. Literally picking one or two things, no more than three, to truly focus on during week. Anything I want to study becomes priority during my downtime. This has gotten me back on track. I feel more energized and excited about my next moves. Ironically, I have fallen more in love my craft and my purpose in the past weeks. I attribute the latter to my passions, but even more so achieving a new level FOCUS.

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  1. Interesting, I can most defiantly feel your passion ooze on through those words. Personally I delete, burn and put back where I got it- most things, to leave little if any trace (legacy) of myself even slightly having passed through this dimension. What are your thoughts on legacy?

    1. O! wow, your take is definitely interesting! Yet, very admirable…so this leaves me super curious. My question, if not too probing, why leave no trace? Do you want to be remembered for your deeds at all, or be that nameless soul who lives for no recognition, or. . . ?

      As for legacy. . . to leave a legacy of some sort, via whatever method one chooses, is inevitable. Therefore,I look at it two ways: A person can choose to reconnect with their purpose or life-calling and work however diligently to bring it into existence, or a person can choose to passively let life slip by barely or never bringing to fruition their purpose. <–For me to leave a legacy is to fulfill whatever you life's purpose, whether it be namelessly or namely. After all, a legacy is synonymous with inheritance [something to be left behind for my succeeding generations], birthright [rights/privilege beginning at birth], benefaction [my contribution to the world and/or those closet to me] …etc.

      Eh! I could go on for days about this…so so so sowwy ☺ Thank you Jessie for your comment and thought-provoking inquiry as well ♥ !

      1. hello, thank you for your reply!

        Not sure really, I guess like you said, we are leaving a trace no matter, anyway. But I feel recognized even without proper so called recognition. Every interaction, subject matter- each dance, there is recognition.

        I think the separation begins with the whole idea of reconnect, when we are already connected? And then again, it’s all a matter of perspective in regards to purpose, really.

        You seem quite driven and passionate, what are you working towards currently?

    2. [sooooo I commented March 30, but I didn’t hit reply…]*dunce*

      “. . .there is recognition”–#golden.

      I agree, the separation is with reconnect. And from my perspective, it’s because We often say “reconnect” with defining the connecting point/s. I stand by reconnecting to our connections [no pun int’d] to the cosmos and our celestial familia; thus to trueself. I’m sure you may have your own perspective…

      Thank you kindly. . . a host of mind-boggling ventures and projects. Primarily, my publishing company, Loveology dissertation, dissertation, artistic expression, graphic modeling and two blogs …:-/ sometimes everything feels primary; urgh now I’m looking at myself sideways. Thanks Jessie Lolz *long sigh*

      1. Dunce, now there is a onomatopoetic word I haven’t ever did hear before!

        Completely understand. My personal ‘off-the-rails’ episode (journey) was a fine example of loosing the way. Glad to be back. Art did in fact save me, on more than one occasion, and is quite possible the reason for my total devotion towards its processes- whichever and whatever the hell that is?

        You are a wonderful expression and I am glad to have you as a part of this world, which I seek out through type-tick and mouse clickery!


        1. OMG! I love your life…this made tear up laughing “. . .I seek out through type-tick and mouse clickery!” I am so elated that Art has been your salvation, a true testament to how powerful the Universal forces and We can be; Lolz, because clearly Art can’t create itself!
          Thank you for the heartwarming compliment, but I retain little credit and give all that I Am today to this journey we call Life.
          As for “dunce” I just remember seeing a “dunce cap” in an old cartoon when I was little and it just stuck lolz
          ♥♥♥ Jahla!

          1. Every time I laugh, I cry, pretty much, too. Something to do with the tear ducts in this system of mine!

            Have a most wonderful this


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