Our lives have not seen any shortage of transitions. Yet once again Frank and I will be moving into a new phase of life. He’s going independent —in terms of Entrepreneurship. He already has graphic design and photography side gigs, but this time we’re talking giving up the paychecks and corporate income. Yesterday was an interesting day when we realized the universe, God or whoever you choose to insert is actively pushing us out of our comfort zones once more. For the last 2 years we have been planning our leap into full entrepreneurship. Well ready or not 2016 is about to be our turn up year—sink or swim.

A year and some change ago I was scared shitless moving back to Virginia with no job, and having 300+ miles between Frank and I. However, after hustling and struggling together, literally pulling ourselves and family back up by our bootstraps—I am fxcking fearless—please excuse my confidence. I trust my King do keep a roof over my head, the same way I trusted Him to place one over my head. I trust my mind-to-grind. Last, but surely first and foremost, I trust the universe is moving and shifting to make room for our favors.

So to anyone going through ANY transition in a relationship or solo —BE FEARLESS. You dictate your life’s journey. #Fact. We fell asleep in thought, we woke with planning on our minds. By the time we made it to our 9-5, I was smiling back at the universe.    

In the meanwhile, I’ll be blogging as much as I can. I’m still working diligently on LoveTrips™ the HUB, and my first book (on Loveology, 2016 release). So bare with me once more. My life, our life is always on the go so keep up with us, find us chillin’ in the socialsphere!


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  1. Ummmm so I read this at the right moment…nothing is by chance. My King and I are going through the exact same thing…welll I don’t have to tell you that E…but for your readers this is real ish…when the Universe is ready to move WITH you you have to be ready and fearless.you have to be free mentally.trust it will set you up for the most amazing shifts!!

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