Title-less [prologue to "Don't Push Me-Part 1 of 2]



Seeing another woman in your man arms could be a daunting image. More often than not it is a daunting sight. Especially an attractive woman. Let’s not mention a woman who shares the same circle of friends as you and your Him. Just the mere thought of her man holding another woman tight, chest to chest, face to face is enough to drive the average woman insane. And for many—the circumstances do not matter. I’ve encountered women who are offended when their men hug female family members “too” long in public. Nevertheless, all of the latter being said, my experience with another woman in my man’s arms came in a rare, but a much needed defining moment — a highly potential life or death moment actually. My possessive feminine nature and pride were challenged, but both were forced to take a seat and submit to my higher consciousness.

That moment began in college with a day-trip to Swallow Falls State Park, in Western Maryland. A trip that went from fun and good times to the second guessing of our collective decision to leave campus that morning. My life’s experiences have taught me a lot about life, but that day life taught me how much the context of a situation and circumstances do really matter. Subconsciously, my outlook on love and life were shifted for good. I now understood first hand what it means to witness the sublime, and the essence of what fear really is: the lack of having control of . . . I subconsciously accepted humility in its truest form, by acknowledging that for a moment time stood still and the gravity of another woman’s life was greater than mine.

Excerpt from . . .”The Magnitude of Hope”


I will write to you all soon. Peace and Always Love,

♥Egypt E.


Feature Photo Credit: Brendan Reals

Muddy Creek Falls in Swallow Falls State Park

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  1. Amazing! Your words are captivating and inspiring and now would love to read more about the story;) Guess that’s where “part 1” comes into play?

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