Muddy Creek Falls In Swallow Falls State Park Maryland – Brendan Reels. {We made it underneath that fall – F & E, 2012}

You’re standing face-to-face with a plunging 53-foot waterfall—onto rocks, stone platforms and of course more rushing water. A waterfall that leads to another waterfall—which lands on more rocks and finally drops into a frigid cold rushing river. That was the scene on the day Frank, made the decision to be Superman for another woman, without a cap.

Frank, I, and 4 car loads of our college buddies, women and men, took a day-trip to Swallow Falls State Park— not too far from Frostburg, Maryland. After taking a dip in the should be warm because it’s summer’ish, but it’s not because b*tch you’re in mountain water we dried ourselves and hiked up the trail to view the main attraction Muddy Creek Falls.

I’m not sure if we were being lazy or the majority of us were merely chicken pansies, but we made a conscious decision not to climb to the very top of Muddy Creek Falls. Hindsight being 20/20, that was probably a blessing in disguise. Nevertheless, a bird’s eye view was not necessary to witness the muddy majesty. We were able to gaze up at the waterfall in complete awe, while our brave peered over the ledge of the fall closet to us. Well some of the guys, Frank and DW being the ring leaders, decided jumping across the shallow part of the river and its slippery rocks to the mountain side so they could then scale the wall to go underneath the waterfall was an excellent idea. After all, they were professionals and had mastered that process before. Of course, us girls in our flip-flops, sandals, capris and bedazzlings decided we didn’t want to be left out. So one-by-one half of the group filed over the rushing river water to the other side.  Some of us, still dressed in swimwear, made our way underneath the waterfall. After feeling as if pure accomplishment had just washed over us we headed back the way we came. Well sorta. See the path to get across was a lot easy than the path to get back—simply based on the natural arrangement of the rocks. Oh, not to mention we were traveling back in the direction of fall number two.

To be continued . . .

“Muddy Creek Falls is a crashing 53-foot waterfall – a spectacular sight.” 

 — Swallow Falls State Park, Maryland


I will write to you all soon. Peace and Always Love,

♥Egypt E.


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    1. Lolz thank you Queen! That pic is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a must see in person. I would love to see it in full force when the snow and ice melt, but from afar of course. ☺

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