Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge woman, and I forgot my fxckin' cap (Part 2 of 2)


Muddy Creek Falls – Swallow Falls, Maryland

Growing up country, I’ve always been one for nature’s adventures, so flip flops off I hopped and slipped my way back to motionless ground joining the others who had made their way back or had remained on the shore. Still on the other side were JoJo and Ya, and Frank and D. While D was helping us ladies down from the rock wall, Frank was ensuring no one lost their footing on a few of the smaller rocks. So Ya makes it to freedom, but JoJo’s strappy sandals proved to be an issue and she couldn’t make it over the small rocks or cut across the river like some of us had done. At this point, we’re all attempting to coach JoJo toward her next move, but in reality, we were nervous for the very first time. After all, she was literally at most 8 feet from the next drop and had no choice but to jump to the stone ledge that was maybe 5 feet from the next drop. 

The problem with her jumping: her shoes had no grip, the platform was wet, and there was approximately a 20+ foot drop to the next godforsaken rock pile.

So Frank, being the fearless nutcase that he sometimes is, decides to cross over to the ledge. It is at this precise moment the adventure video that I was shooting from my iPhone starts to take an epic turn for what felt like the worst possible situation ever. Almost instantly it became somewhat of a suspense/horror/Oh-My-Fxck’n-God-This-Is-Crazy film. So the plan: JoJo will jump the 3 feet and Frank will catch her so that she doesn’t end up trying to teach herself to fly. Pretty darn simple. By now, everyone on solid ground is either holding their breath or shouting encouragement or jumping directions all in good faith—and then she jumps. There is a unanimous gasp from every soul in viewing distance as JoJo’s momentum carries her and Frank another 2 or 3 feet before he is able to brace himself. Well basically, he tackled her midair to counter her force. Then he held on to her for a moment, solidifying the fact they were both alive, I assume. Finally, they solemnly make their way back to shore—neither Frank or JoJo looked back.

I could not image what life would feel like right now if they’d both earned wings that day. #tbh —I’m pretty sure I’ll never be happier seeing my man hold onto another woman like his life depended on hers than I was at those falls . . . unless “she” is me of course 😉

—last weeks of Spring 2012

Photos coming soon — and maybe the video if I am able to locate mine or a someone else’s: cross your fingers!

 I will see you all tomorrow. Peace and Always Love,

♥Egypt E.



Written by Egypt English

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