Yes, we’re the couple who watches the snow fall from a park bench in 0 degree weather. Now don’t get me wrong we are not running out of the house, falling head over heels to go chill outside for hours with Jack Frost, but we will do it. See, Winter is all about embracing the purging of the previous year. I like to reflect and plan at this time, but I also steal moments to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the winter season with family and friends. #NoGiftsNeeded

Looking for Winter Fun and Productivity Ideas?

Here are five surefire ways to warm your heart and/or the honey’s heart this winter:

  1. Bundle up tight and visit your local park, or take a scroll around your neighbor while watching the snowfall. You can use this time to reflect on the past year of life and make plans for the New Year. #SafetyFirst!
  2. No snow? Well, harness the serenity of snowfall with some relaxing Winter inspired music and consider adding a meditation or yoga for balance. Finish off your evening with nice light candle lit dinner for one or two.
  3. Make a vision board for all of your #GrindSeason plans
  4. Fire up the oven! or the fireplace—whichever you prefer. Make a warm winter treat, because nothing warms the heart better than a delectable dish made with love. And don’t be a Scrooge, please share!
  5. Put back on your pajamas or just don’t take them off! Spend a few hours relaxing and catching up on the list of things you’ve said you wanted to do all year-long. (i.e. writing a best seller, rearranging the living room or the kitchen cabinets, reading, learning a new language, teaching the children to make origami, working out, etc.) When possible, don’t be afraid to ask for a hand or two from friends and family, #TheSpiritOfGiving

Tis’ the season to think about someone other than yourself! Frank & I will be lending helping hands at one or more of the local homeless shelters or food-banks. No one should  go a day without a meal in a country ran by Santa Claus at this time of year. Get out in your community and #ShareMetta!!!

Peace & Always Love,

♥ Egypt

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0 thoughts on “Winter is coming, bench warming time :-*

  1. Thank you so much , love, for sharing metta! You offered some great ideas to warm our hearts and lift our spirits during the most wonderful time of the year!
    I am really diggin’ the park idea;) We don’t get snow here but it’s still such a sweet way to spend time with loved ones.

  2. Indeed….Time of the year to think about others….especially those lesser fortunate than we are..the oft overlooked fellow humans languishing in some form of distress….Let’s lend a hand. Hugs!

    1. . . . I witness this human tragedy daily. A block and a half from my job is a homeless “camp” barely hidden in brush under a by pass. Thousands on thousands of cars pass between the two prominent athletic stadiums on the opposite sides of the bypass daily. . .yet some days it feels as if my King and I are the only people who take notice. Thank you Bushka for your heartwarming words. ♥

      1. Too many people in the world go unnoticed…and thus uncared for…..
        Thanks for liking my post…which sent me ‘looking out for you’. Might well be following you too. 😉 Hugs!

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