It is ironic how after being with someone for a number of years you just begin to compromise by habit. I do not speak for all people— only for those like me, who cherish, love and respect their mates for who they really are, and all of the quirky, unconventional things they do.

I used to have a major pet peeve about Frank not replacing the old trash bag after removing it from our home. In  my mind it was a simple request. However, Frank and I have  two vastly different attention spans. I pay great attention to the minutest of details, and well Hunny—not so much. I know from the moment He makes the conscious decision to take out the trash, He’s not thinking about putting the trash can bin back together again.  Well, one day while  replacing the bag in the kitchen—after Frank had long-since forgotten—I had a revelation. I realized He continuously clears the icky, sticky, stinky trash from each room of the  house; without my nagging. Then ties it, places it at the top of the foyer steps, and finally at some point ventures out in this bitter cold to permanently delete it from our lives. Never does He ask or expect me take care of the sanitary disposal of our garbage, and rarely do I ever say to self  “Well, let me take the trash out today”. . . so surely I can at least place a clean bag in the can.

Learning to compromise in relationships is the number one ingredient to a happily-forever-after. 

Peace & Always Love

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