Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!

—Marcus Garvey

When your mind is constantly plagued with thinking unconventionally, non-traditionally and uninhibited you find it hard to focus on living a normal life. 


Much of Our day is consumed with plots to take over the world. Okay, serious note—daily we’re studying nationality, politics, education, cosmology, law, constitutions, treaties, U.N. documents and any and everything else that promotes nation-building and acquiring more knowledge. Our main focus is our future. The prior fundamentals list stabilizes the foundation for our future; therefore, that is where we spend the bulk of our mental energy. Yet, this morning we talked football: American football (NFL). . . and we felt somewhat accomplished. ☺

Well, actually I lied— we talked about how Tim Tebow’s celebrity’dom and career both ended before they really began—as did RG3’s, Kaepernicks and a host of other QB’s. Nevertheless, we gave small-talk a chance, and it wasn’t about nerdy stuff for once. Plus, I feel special—very few people can advert Frank’s attention long enough for Him to come up with anything to say about football—not even the menfolk at our office—Score: 1 point for Egypt!

Editor’s note: “For the sake of argument I’m the Brain.” ♥ E.E.

Peace & Always Love

♥ Egypt

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