Please Smile for Sunshine

Inspired, I guess you can say I was when I decided to write this post an hour ago. Last night, I was engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions which lead me to sitting outside our apartment, in my car until 12:30ish. In an attempt to level my head I tried to write, but neither my pen nor paper could overcome an emotionally driven writer’s block.Nevertheless, this morning I was met with ominous grey skies which reminded me of the rain we encounter on the way to a networking event in D.C.  last night. I was sleep most of the drive, but upon waking I was informed that the rain had stopped right as I stirred. Well Frank and I have an on going insider about me and rain –he is convinced every time I’m feeling low, sick or sad It rains . . . and over the last couple of months I’ve started to believe him. And although I love the rain, I don’t like feeling as if I lost my sunshine.

So gloomy and grey I was this morning, just as our skies. Then I said to Self “it’s just one of those days”.

Self said “true”.

I smiled to self, kissed Frank—and although our forecast says “Mostly Cloudy”,  all our clouds of gloom have moved on, and our living room is filled with sunshine.

Love Always,

♥ Egypt

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Writer, Loveologist and Publisher, E. English was reborn and reared in Sapponi country, fell in lust with poetry, studied English Literature in Western Maryland, then learned the streets and suckled the bittersweet tits of Great Mother Piscataway. E's world evolves around the exercising of the power of love to help others live healthy, happy and healed lives filled with abundance and wealth.


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