You plan, you work, you grind, you move, you shift, you meditate, you pray; thus, you will eventually prosper.

Good Vibes Life Planner, 1st Edition: Prosperity © 2014 E. English Publishing Group

Twenty-fifteen was my year of Prosperity. When I ventured out in 2014 to publish my first life planner for friends and family, the Good Vibes: Prosperity: 1st edition, I was in a very touchy place. Frank and I had just moved 300 miles apart due to a family fiasco. He was surviving off of savings, freelance work and meditation. Me on the other hand, I had just landed a nice 9-5 gig back home

with Goodwill Industries. I was surrounded by homey people, lots of friendly faces and a magnitude of interesting things to learn about non-profits. Yet, everyone there knew just like I did—from the day I nailed my interview— my mind was on one track: on a mission to get back to Frank.  And so my Prosperity planner began to take shape.

I made a decision to gather my sanity, pen my thoughts, organize my visions and finally get to know the woman I was becoming before my own eyes— Her in the mirror. I spent so much of 2015 planning and learning more and more about writing, love and how to make large amounts of money in very little time — lawfully of course. Looking at how far Frank and I have come from crashing under our parents roofs for a hurricane of a year, this time literally pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, landing chill 9-5’s, embarking on promising entrepreneurship ventures, and moving into our first place together, I’d say the two of us prospered immensely this past year. Thus this new year is all about maintaining and stacking the Gouda . . . it’s all about grinding your dreams and visions into existence. In Twenty-sixteen I’m on a mission to use the hard knock lessons learned in 2015 to surpass my expectations for this year.

to reap what you’ve sewn . . . first you must have sewn.

Later this week:

  • Accepting the Sunshine Blogger Award from SHUT THAT NEGATIVE NOISE OFF!
  • Introducing a NEW category series!!! balloons. . . anyone?
  • “Spill Canvas”
    • E-Book chapters and excerpt releases
  • Sewing Paris’ first baby blankie
  • Preparing LoveTrips™ the ZINE
  • and maybe my 2016 Goal List, so y’all can hold me accountable. Or maybe not. . .eh.

With that being said, I have a lot of writing and typing to do over next couple of days so don’t be a stranger. Leave me something good to read, or sum up your 2015 down in the comments sections ↓↓↓ .

As always,

Peace & Lots of Love,

♥ Egypt

5 thoughts on “Woman how could you be so lucky—how do you get so blessed? | Award | Books | Baby Blanket

  1. Woman how could you be so lucky? 🙂 Loved this post, keep grinding queen, may 2016 be a blessed year for you and Frank…Be lucky always

    1. Lolz! No complaints with that. Know the feeling is mutual I’ve enjoyed your insights on relationships. I really can’t wait to indulge more this weekend, and see what other fun pennings you have. ♥

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