. . . call me crazy, but know she is my beloved.

I’ve never been one for keeping up with hobbies. Yet lately I’ve found myself interacting with more and more of the Queens who surround me; those who actively immerse themselves in relaxing, mind centering pastimes. Painting, jewelry making, embroidery, holistics, fashion designing, knitting, learning — you name it . . .I probably know a Queen who does it regularly. While I’ve tried my hand at some of those interest and others, aside from painting and occasional jewelry making I give very little thought and energy to any of them. Not because I don’t see the value in the craft, but I simply don’t have a burning passion or desire to create in those realms at this moment in my life.

Ironically, however, while doing our last minute Christmas shopping I picked up a small bundle of color tribal print fabric pieces. Frank says I’m an impulse shopper, and for the most part he is right, because I definitely bought the bundle because it was pretty and inexpensive. Long story short, I’m now in the process of sewing together a baby quilt for Paris — our unborn, unconceived, but no less relevant  in our lives seed. Lately We have, and I have ☺ been spending a lot of time in family planning mode. The thoughts of fulfilling our 3 year dream are overwhelming—working on this blanket gives me a sense of peace. . .it soothes my motherly yearnings and gives me time to communicate with our first born wherever she wait the universe.

Okay, okay—For some I know it may seem like We are counting our chicken before it hatches, but spiritually We prefer welcoming our little one before she or he touches down on Earth plane.  Many have asked  “what if y’all don’t have a girl?”  I mean what if I don’t have children at all . . .life is full of what if’s. As it has been said by many of woman, I will love my child male or female regardless. A healthy and happy child is all We could ask of the Universe.  Yet, to the doubtful I beg—when will you ever truly live if you spend your youth fearful of the impossibilities surrounding your possibilities?

Well that is all for the moment, but more on Paris’ and Her blankie to come . . . Have a wonderful day, and many warm moments to share.

With peace and always love,

—♥ S. Marie  

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