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You are here. But where here is can only be determined by individual perspective. Thank about . . . here could be Baltimore, Maryland with Frank and I or out in the middle of the Milky Way or somewhere tucked safely in the confines of one’s own mind. Perspective.  We’ll call the latter a teaser for what’s to come later on LoveTrips™ the BLOG .  For now please indulge me with your cares . . .

Because Tuesday’s self reflection post—Anti-Social Asshole Syndrome—resonated with many of readers and followers across my social spaces, I decided to add a NEW page to the the BLOG!  ⇓⇓⇓

For those who have not read Anti-Social yet — in essence it is a quick overview of my astrology. For many of us, astrology means stars and zodiacs a most. And while these provide an honest and humble start, both barely scratch the surface of a even bigger portrait than LoveTrips™. Yes, yes — it is hard to conceive anything could get bigger than “the BLOG”. Nevertheless, COSMOLOGY is the grander, more majestic portrait; and later after you take in account dark matter, light, energy, frequencies, vibrations, the quantums and a host of other things . . . only then comes astrology and zodiacs.

So long story short, your existence is cosmological and your life here on Earth, well now that is astrological. I mean seriously, you can use the heavens as your own personal road map to greatness.

So the new page → P.S. I♥YOU ←

Links to:

  • my favorite Cosmology sites
  • my favorite astrology sites
  • my Cosmology works
  • free media
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  • free self-paced course
Check out the NEW page – P.S. I♥YOU


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