We're Catastrophic, bad for ourselves, nothing but ticking timebombs

A sad day indeed it was—

the day your world fell
to pieces, and you
extend your hands in a frivolous attempt to catch hold of both yourself, and your sanity.             I watch me

falling             from your reach…

. . .Excerpt “I AM Watching the World Shake with Much Madness”

In a fit of rage I have learned a fact about love that changed my entire perspective on relationships and goals. When you love hard — you fight even harder. And far to often we derail our own relationships due to the lack of vision.                      The lack of a tangible future.

Those who know Frank and I intimately know we seldom really fight about anything serious. The average “fight” for us is pretty petty and probably began with Him leaving his shoes in the floor or me being overly emotion about something I took out of context. To be honest, 99 % of our fights are undeniably petty—and after a stubborn hour or two, of being as mad as we can convince ourselves we are, the better person lands a kiss on the sulker’s forehead and the beef is history.

Well lately with life transitions coming from every angle, 9-5 overloads, business stresses, family planning and daily chaos combined with all-nighters spent working out every aspect of our life — we have become ticking time bombs. And every now and then we go off, which leads to nonsense bouts of tick-for-tack, emotional rants, rounds of tears, rings and jewelry flying about the house and all that jazz. But then we go into our separate spaces. Trying to find our sanity—peace. And each time,  like clockwork, something shifts in one or both of us, and We think about every dream and vision we have constructed together. We think about how far we’ve already come together. We remember our seed, the bundle of joy we left behind in a blanket of stardust in some distant galaxy—and  then We remember neither his pride nor my stubbornness has the power to bring down the walls of the empire we’re building.           We have always been in control of when this train ride ends, and as of Our now we’re riding it until the wheels falls off . . .

As always Peace & Love,

♥ Egypt

Chapters & Excerpt from:

Watching the World Shake with Much Madness

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group

Written by Egypt English

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