A Little Bit

Good Afternoon Kings & Queens,

Because LoveTrips™ is primarily my own realm comprised of personal memoirs and pieces of Our, Frank & I’s, experiences and understandings of the nature of science and love, many of you are aware I consciously make the decisions not to reblog. However, “A Little Bit” is life to me. I pray this brings you much warmth in these cold days!

Greater is coming for those who love without boundaries–mark my words . . .

Peace and Always Love,

Many Praises Song to the mind of the creator and crafter of these verses Carol ♥ And now without further ado . . .


I am not much in a mood for poetry this morning. That’s really a shame because I’m going to be behind with the prompts that I respond to but I’m in a place of contemplation regarding the State of the Union address from our President. Many of you know that I’m a Baha’i, so I will not be talking about partisan politics at all. They are divisive and set an atmosphere where extremes easily raise up and often flourish. Besides this, this is a time for uniting not separating. That’s not what I desire to express either. So please do not feel obligated to like, comment or even read. I just need to share.

I am 57 years old. I have seen this country, nay this world go through terrible things. As it has been said, perhaps overstated, “man’s inhumanity to man”. I have seen dogs, cops, and fire hoses attacking…

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