The art of bleeding a brain . . . "convince them they feel nothing."

I can never really understand how people, humans, can be relentlessly mean, rude, hateful, unjust, neglectful, oppressive to other beings who share their likenesses—with no prior aggravated cause—seriously, could someone please explain what sort of evil must possess your spirit to warrant you to live so heartless?       How can you walk  among the breathing and act as if they are dead . . . even worst, invisible.

How can you act with such disregard for your fellow woman, man, boy or girl? What is it that you fear so much that you’d live so cross—so guarded?        Are you not made with love       as I? like We?

My only rationale is you indeed have to feel with yourself that you are beyond insignificant. Thus your inferiority complex causes you to lash out with unwarranted actions of self-offense—and belittle, besiege, challenge, harm, disbar, slander and/or conquer another human.    And all for the pure sake of your own self-diminishing, esteem-less vantage point of your own worth. How could you care so little about yourself that you care none at all for your sister, your brother who you may not be able to see or touch, but in your conscious –we both know exists?

Many blessings & Love,

—O.T.W. El Bey, Moorish National Diplomat

♥ Egypt

Oh they tell me there’s a place over yonder, Cool water running through the burning sand, Until we learn to love one another We will never reach the promise land.

—  Eagles


Chapters & Excerpt from:

Watching the World Shake with Much Madness

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group


Written by Egypt English

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