UPDATE | The ZINE & the Valentine's Day Project ♥

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

 —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Good Morning Kings and Queens,

I’d like to start by saying I feel some type away about not posting anything new the last couple of days. I have been writing my fingers off, but I definitely have had little time to focus on typing up all of my scribbles and ramblings. Next month is going to be action packed for Frank and myself, and I must say January has been indeed quite fun-filled thus far.

So first Thank YOU! to everyone who has subscribed to the LoveTrips™ the BLOG mailing list. For you all, February will be filled with lots of love and much madness. You have been warned. YES! the first issue of The ZINE will be released, and I am super excited. ☺♥

Quick Overview:

Starting in February, each month your email box will be grace with a unique version and design of The ZINE. You might see all of the categories one month, but only one or two the next. The beautiful part about The ZINE . . .it’s just as whimsical as The BLOG, but with a lot more tips, takeaways and research projects.

The ZINE (Zen In Naturale Existencia)

  • Research projects, Scientific Journals, Artscapes, Life, Love, Intimacy, Sexology, Home-based Health and Spirituality Tips, DIY projects . . . and much more!

The Valentine’s day project . . .

That is not  in any shape or form the actual name of the project, but it’s TBA on February 14th—so you know it has something to do with love . . . but what kind? You’ll have to wait and see! This is the project that really has my brain going a mile a minute and my fingers cramping, but I am most excited about! Can’t believe I just said that . . . Need I say more . . .? I probably don’t, but I will. Long story short I teamed up with two of my very best amigas, Monic and Pearl for the Journey of Our Lives. Just when I thought my thoughts on life couldn’t get deeper than LoveTrips™ . . .along came a craving I nor, my beautiful comrades could have ever truly imagined!

Okay, sorry for the teaser, but I just had to let you all know what’s happening in the Life of E! And I had to spill some of my excitement on you all too . . .! Now work and emails are calling my name, and I need to give you all something good to read. . . So as always,


♥ Egypt

. . .and P. S. To all my ghost followers . . .those of you, family and friends who are not WP’ers, but still read our blog, I LOVE YOU! We LOVE YOU! Thank you for your eyes,  your kind words, your encouragement —and to those I do not communicate with regularly –Yes! Frank relays your messages, and you don’t know how much it means to me have your unwavering support. Many blessing, best wishes to you all Fam~ily! Jahla!

—♥ E.

*Behind on post edits . . . .sorry! ♥

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