Why'd you have to go and do that for . . .huh?

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.

—George S. Patton

So last night was fun. We normally crash on a palette in our living room floor just because we are two 5-year-olds trapped in young adult bodies. However, last night we took our palette to a whole’nother level. And for lack of a more intellectual term, we made  a couchette. Judge not that yet be not judge. . . ijs. After which, and immediately following the rhino scene of “Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls” Frank clunked out. I made it the end, and fell asleep in cuddle mode. 

Well this morning began as usual—wake, drag out of the comforts of warmness and skin-to-skin caresses, shower away sleep, dress, leave for the nine-to-five. And all went as it routinely does: I made it out the house 10 minutes before my work day should start . . . story of my seemingly unpunctual life, eh. Yet, today was the first day Frank and I were met with Sierra’s ram-shacked glove compartment and armrest. Of course this caught us both off guard.      So much for living in a gated community. 

Because of the snow our gate was opened indefinitely, definitely good and bad.  Of course it doesn’t require us to hassle with the gate code and cards at 2 am, but it also disturbs one’s sense of security. Don’t get me wrong I love Greater Baltimore . . .it’s literally home to me now. I have blood family here, in-laws and friends here. Home. But I’d be a fool to say Baltimore isn’t messy. I’d be a fool to say we don’t have some issues we need to rise above.

Aside from an access card that can be easily deactivated, nothing else was jacked. For the record, yes, I do feel some type of way about the disrespect and the intrusion, but I’m not going to hold grudges. After careful thought, we remembered we never hit Sierra’s lock.  Subsequently, she didn’t have time to lock following the 30-seconds auto-lock . . . clearly someone was lurking . . .            However, that’s me analyzing. I, the nice one. I say we must do better, and be more mindful. Well King Frank’s analysis. . .eh. He doesn’t like when he feels as if I am threatened. And although He acknowledges this was not personal, he always feels that it is his god-given duty to protect me. Sheesh as if these hands of mine aren’t registered lethal weapons . . . For Him, this was too close for comfort which only means one thing . . . precautionary measures must be implemented. . .oh boy.           I’m not even sure what that means,     yet.  Eh, so for whatever poor misguided soul’s future sake—I’ll double check the locks next time. . . :-/

Today’s happenings usurped the place of the original Spill Canvas post, so I’ll be back tomorrow with some spirit talk, a little something for the religious at heart.

As always peace & love—thank you for your eyes,

♥ Egypt




Written by Egypt English

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