Not two minutes before hitting the add new post button, I made a impromptu decision. Last night a conversation Frank I had, about how thin I tend to stretch myself, entreated me to think about dropping some of the personal projects I’m managing. Well, I initially was taken back by the conversation. I had a full fledged vision in my had for the two blogs I manage and my third undertaking. I heard Frank’s concerns, suggestions and even his reasoning. I WASN’T HAVING ANY OF IT!  I was adamant I could manage all 3 along with the other sites and publishings I maintain or contribute too. My list of pros were synonymous with the reasons why the three sites all couldn’t exist as one entity. Frank’s reasoning, and marketing perspective: combine them, free your time. My primary rebuttal. . . Hunny there are two many voices in my head for one site . . .too many personalities, too many directions . . .#Cons.        Call me schizo, but it’s the truth.

Yet,  this morning I started thinking. Although my one body has many names and faces, I am  still only one human being. I could have one site serving quadruple duties—it would actually require more of my time to focus and fashion a cohesiveness that I love, but it’s logically possible. Nevertheless, I did not decide to combine all three. With a second of bitter-sweetness, and an executive judgement I’m shutting down my first venture, Nadira’s Locs, and combing its mission with my up-and-coming Loveology site. Out with the old and in with the new . . .early spring cleaning I suppose. Thus, after all the convincing I did to get Frank to see I had my mind wrapped around my blogging endeavors, He emerged 50% successful, and I was driven to compromise with only myself. . . #winning.

I’m happy actually. I realized long ago progress only turns to success when you sacrifice. In this case, I’ll be sacrificing younger pennings, thoughts and understandings just to live out a newer, more vibrant and conscious vision.  And who knows?! I might throw some of the old together in a mini memoir . . . only time will tell, as always.

I, We, love you all. Thank you for your open eyes, and always for your God-sent words of encouragement, and your thought provoking views and understandings.

♥ Egypt

7 thoughts on “Letting go | A writer's baggage

    1. Very true Bushka. As I just said to Chris below, I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to my craft. Yet I’m finally getting to the point of declutterance . . .! I can already feel the benefits ☺ ♥ ♥ ♥

  1. Girl Your comment “My primary rebuttal. . . Hunny there are two many voices in my head for one site . . .too many personalities, too many directions . . .#Cons. Call me schizo, but it’s the truth.” made me laugh so hard because this is me all day, though I am a psychologist, I was like…dang is that what they call that? *dying laughing* Welp i’m that then! But alass I fall into that category which is why my blog is now not just about MG all the time but how I handle my life with MG. it slowly evolved because I realized I have many different aspect of me and MG is only one voice of me while poetry, love, food, short stories, family, advice, quips, and so on are other parts of me. I know you will be better for it! We never like to be told to take on less when we are use to being SUPERWOMAN all the time but sometimes this makes us even more like Superwoman because it means we know how to run our lives smarter and not harder being more efficient (we just hate to always hear from someone else, LOL).

    1. I’m over here teary-eyed laughing, under my breath. . . at work lmbo! I swear it’s so hard to just give up pieces of oneself for the sake of neatness, conformity, and I would even beg to call it inhumane to ask that of someone lolz. “we are use to being SUPERWOMAN” . . . that said so much! The latter combined with my issue of “hoarding” everything I create makes for brain overloads every now and then. Lolz I’m typing all of this and still laughing to myself smh *terrible* . . .but this ->I know you will be better for it!” . . . Thank you Queen, that means more than a thousand words could ever. I figure this blogging journey does all who dedicate themselves to it due justice. Even looking from when I first met you and MG to where your mind and spirit has rose in such a short time is awe-inspiring to me. Nevertheless . . . Lolz I indeed harbor a love-hate relationship with constructive criticism *long sigh*

      1. As do I! We hoard the things that comfort us even when we do not believe that we are hoarders and think our lives simple. Some people hoard thoughts, some ideas, some papers, books, letters, hats, shoes, things from a loved one, things we feel one day we may need (ahem my craft odd and ends, lol) and so on, so believe me we are all guilty in some way. I love constructive criticism because it helps me grow so much and I truly look for it but when it first comes I honestly cringe, LOL.

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