Not two minutes before hitting the add new post button, I made a impromptu decision. Last night a conversation Frank I had, about how thin I tend to stretch myself, entreated me to think about dropping some of the personal projects I’m managing. Well, I initially was taken back by the conversation. I had a full fledged vision in my had for the two blogs I manage and my third undertaking. I heard Frank’s concerns, suggestions and even his reasoning. I WASN’T HAVING ANY OF IT!  I was adamant I could manage all 3 along with the other sites and publishings I maintain or contribute too. My list of pros were synonymous with the reasons why the three sites all couldn’t exist as one entity. Frank’s reasoning, and marketing perspective: combine them, free your time. My primary rebuttal. . . Hunny there are two many voices in my head for one site . . .too many personalities, too many directions . . .#Cons.        Call me schizo, but it’s the truth.

Yet,  this morning I started thinking. Although my one body has many names and faces, I am  still only one human being. I could have one site serving quadruple duties—it would actually require more of my time to focus and fashion a cohesiveness that I love, but it’s logically possible. Nevertheless, I did not decide to combine all three. With a second of bitter-sweetness, and an executive judgement I’m shutting down my first venture, Nadira’s Locs, and combing its mission with my up-and-coming Loveology site. Out with the old and in with the new . . .early spring cleaning I suppose. Thus, after all the convincing I did to get Frank to see I had my mind wrapped around my blogging endeavors, He emerged 50% successful, and I was driven to compromise with only myself. . . #winning.

I’m happy actually. I realized long ago progress only turns to success when you sacrifice. In this case, I’ll be sacrificing younger pennings, thoughts and understandings just to live out a newer, more vibrant and conscious vision.  And who knows?! I might throw some of the old together in a mini memoir . . . only time will tell, as always.

I, We, love you all. Thank you for your open eyes, and always for your God-sent words of encouragement, and your thought provoking views and understandings.

♥ Egypt

Written by Egypt English

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