I really have few words for the last four days. They have been filled with agony, embarrassment, frustration, and I must admit some hopelessness—all of which eventually brought me from the couch to my knees, and finally to my feet.

Saturday started of a normal day. We woke, chilled, planned out our day, Sacroiliac_jointchiefed, as usual, then started executing plans. It was mid-noon when we began getting ready for our lunch break at Red Parrot. I had just finished my makeup and was preparing to get dressed when I felt my right hip beginning to ache. Because it’s always given me random spurts of pain ever since my 7th grade basketball injury and surgery, I often pay it little to no mind. I’m just as stubborn with succumbing to pain as I am about lowering my standards. Yet, Saturday’s slight and uncomfortable ache went from bad to worse in a mater of minutes, and caused me to submit.       It was as if every nerve on the right side of my pelvis commence to squeeze between my sacroiliac joint and my entire sacrum—thus every wrong movement causes excruciating pain.

I haven’t been much of a help around the house. Frank has been the primary shelf in, house cleaner, errand runner, medicinal administrator, crutch, cane, walker, comforter and so much more. I’ve never had someone be so attentive to my every need. Every time I make the minutest movement I feel his hawk-eyes zoom in. And I have learned that he sleeps like a cat . . . Awkwardness!  

I pick with Him because I really can’t stand being needy, and most importantly I hate not being to do for myself.  Yet, with all of this, we’ve laughed through my agony and His puppy-dog faces and helpless eyes. Together we came up with a physical therapy plan to get my hip back in motion. Seeing that the major culprit has been my skipping out on exercising and constant motion. . .life.  One of these days I may head back under the knife to fix the issue, but I’m in no rush to do so or ready make such a financial commitment. Thus, like every other obstacle, eh I’ll get over: we’ll get through it. 

Love you all,

♥ Egypt

Written by Egypt English

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