Jahla means: “May many blessings be upon your spirit of light.”

Excuse my from my photo shoot for upcoming projects. #snaps

I want to thank all of you who sent me well-wishes and blessings this week. Life is slowly getting back to normal. I’m even more scatter brained than usual (warned’ya), and poor Frankie Baby is exhausted, eh. Well, the pain has not completely left my back nor hip, but it is graciously more manageable. Thankfully, I can do for myself more; thus Frank gets to take a load off. Unfortunately, now I have no excuse to not do dishes, eh—could be worst I suppose. We toyed with talks of surgery, but for now I’am going to do some physical therapy and see where that leads. *Fingers Crossed* Nevertheless, this week and the pain all humbled me and force me to take some time and focus on my spirit and my goals, so for that I am grateful. Because Our lives never slow down, I can never allow pains and life’s hits to halt progress completely. I guess that’s my message from all of this . . . keep your heart, mind, body and soul stayed on your end goal, and nothing will stop your movement. That being said project number 1 launches today! Some of you may remember Nique and Pearl from LoveTrips™ beginnings . . .well we are back together, high-off some good ole’ Frostburg State Queen’ish Vibes. I’ll drop a press release soon, but for now just wish us well. My professional project is on the next. I’m really super excited about this one, so on with the madness.



Things I’ve learned while confined to a couch:

  • I can’t be a couch potato
  • Tortilla chips and queso don’t stand a chance in our home
  • I can’t sit still for long
  • Ibuprofen is a joke
  • Cartoon Network is my life!
  • My Boss Lady is the bestest
  • Frank is 100% Heaven Sent❤
  • I’m one strong mf’er #swag

Well that about sums my week up. We’ll be out and about shooting photos and taking coffee shoppe breaks—hopefully coffee shoppe breaks o_O . . . .9° urgh.

I love you all lots. Spread love today, not just amidst your significant other, family and lovedones—but to the stranger you meet in passing, even if you merely smile or nod. Be blessed. Happy Sunday.


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