Fxck ups, updates, and a vacation needed

Lifestyle . . . hectic.

My deepest sigh . . . and humblest apologies to everyone who signed up by email, Facebook, via LoveTrips™, in-person, etc for updates and the first issue of the ZINE. It will still launch! But I’m very behind. So how soon, bare with me. I’d like to take this opportunity to place all the blame on the last month of my hip fiasco, but . . . I’d be a liar. So truth be told I’ve been stretching myself thin with other projects, business development and work—thus the ZINE is still sitting in word processing mode i-yi yi! . . . and to be quite honest my old friend the Procrastination Bug still pays me a visit every now and then. We kick it with the Mr., blow one back, and often forget about business, work and all other extracurriculars for a momentary woosah. . . *long sigh* I need, we need a vacay, who’s treating? Eh.

Run-ons for Busy Bodies

Because I really feel like a great number of you are now part of my international familia—my tribe, I suppose I should update you all on what 2016 buzz keeps us so busied. Well . . . studying for my final loveology exam and certifications, web developing for E. English Publishing Group and Royal Vantage Point {VP}*: my professional curriculum vitae and August, dissertation [brain matter on the wall; haven’t even opened my study binder], writing for Purple Cravings the women’s empowerment venture Monic, Pearl and I took on, writing two self-inspiration books, and the first children’s book series, my new Artscape which requires photo shoots, videos, poetry features, a mixtape, and lots of writing . . . they say an idle mind is devil’s playground. We’ll have none of that around here. On the other hand, Frank’s busy with studying and practicing law, studying for more insurance licenses, financial brokering, his own music production, single, album, design, managing my photo shoots, helping type my books, going through my therapy process with, taking me to and from work. . .and I swear we circumnavigate the DMV every two days, urgh. I know it’s only by God’s hands, a ton of ambition and lots of good loving that we haven’t dropped dead from a fatal dose of exhaustion. Life is constantly on a senior year final’s week dopamine roller coaster of a ride. Some days I don’t even want to see or touch our bedroom floor . . . *extended sigh* and believe it or not it has nothing to do with the mountains of clean, unfolded clothes populating the 5 foot drop cloth in the farthest corner of our bedroom.*  No.  I don’t want breakfast, lunch, or dinner –or even tortilla chips and salsa. I don’t even really care to shower. We live for wake-n-bakes, cuddle times, and Netflix in the bed and chills. Eh if only life could be so sweet right. #sorry, #mytangents.

To infinity and. . .

You all, possibly unfortunate for you, are close enough to be the lucky recipients of my brain spills when I feel as I or we are ready to snap. I feel bad – I have little time to work or relax on here, and to make it worst no time to pen regularly for LoveTrips. So I said to Self “something has to give, I miss my blog fam. . . .” And Self said “True.” Then I said to Frank, I suppose I’ll have to incorporate more of our life and happenings here, if I want to stay in touch with all their madness too.         He agreed. Go figure. . . I do believe the ultimate introvert is emerging from His shell. *tehehe. So it looks like whether you all wanted to or not y’all will be getting a bit more acquitted with the Mays ☺ :-*

I love you all,

We love you all,

Caio Loves,

— ♥ Egypt

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Written by Egypt English

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