. . .but I didn’t feed the fears. . .well at least not entirely, eh.

Karaoke + hella super stupid shy, perfectly-okay-with-being-a-backup, singer falling through an entire song in front of a live audience =

complete and utter stage fright

deer caught, in somebody’s pickup lights .  . . fxck! I’m still slighty dyslexic . . .

and now, please allow me to proceed with a momentary train derailment.


Maryland Live! Casino with a off-key, off-beat, off everything rendition of a Queen Whitney classic – CHECK!

Bring it home with that last couple three notes, walk off stage like I did that sh¡t . . . #priceless

One time for the bucket list. 

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♥ Egypt

2 thoughts on “Almost peed'my pants y'all :/

  1. You def walkedofflike you did THAT! Thank you for the laugh thank you for the love thank you for overcoming the fear!!!

    1. LMBO!!! So about that overcoming part, mmm let’s not get carried away. Smh, but I have been singing Kiddo’s head off ever since. . .possibly really unfortunate for him though. I’m really glad I did it, so I suppose part of the thanks goes to y’all three goofballs. *off the record :))

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