Almost peed’my pants y’all :/

. . .but I didn’t feed the fears. . .well at least not entirely, eh.

Karaoke + hella super stupid shy, perfectly-okay-with-being-a-backup, singer falling through an entire song in front of a live audience =

complete and utter stage fright

deer caught, in somebody’s pickup lights .  . . fxck! I’m still slighty dyslexic . . .

and now, please allow me to proceed with a momentary train derailment.


Maryland Live! Casino with a off-key, off-beat, off everything rendition of a Queen Whitney classic – CHECK!

Bring it home with that last couple three notes, walk off stage like I did that sh¡t . . . #priceless

One time for the bucket list. 

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♥ Egypt

2 thoughts on “Almost peed’my pants y’all :/

    • E. English says:

      LMBO!!! So about that overcoming part, mmm let’s not get carried away. Smh, but I have been singing Kiddo’s head off ever since. . .possibly really unfortunate for him though. I’m really glad I did it, so I suppose part of the thanks goes to y’all three goofballs. *off the record :))


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