I blessed the magnificent, ever-holy Lord Our Gods


All law. For they alone are many.              Together one.

And they have been indeed revered among the celestial great.

I have prayed with fiery                                this I did—I prayed

with passion. I prayed with faith— asked for nothing more, no less than angelic guidance,

love unconditional,

and abundance unspeakable

to reinvest in peace.           I pled for fearlessness—

I beg to be of good and righteous mind—to be a kept wombman.

Keep me. Guide me, shift me                    move me. Send me I will go.

And in these times of chaos, wash me in your peace of many colors, bathe me

in red and gentle stillness.


In Time to Be Arranged by E. English

© 2016 E. English Publishing Group, LLC

5 thoughts on “Spill Canvas | Yesterday I prayed.

  1. With a dream a desire and a spirit of ambition, love, quirkiness,unorthodoxed mentality yields relateable,uniquely creative artistry and success!!! I’m jappy for you and proud of you!! I’m even more happy that YOU finally allowed this light and energy in you radiate out to others!!!

    1. !♥^_^♥! OMG the faces I make at work lolz. This made my heart happy Pearl. Thank you. . .in light of Light & Energy I literally feel this way about your walk; so this is definitely humbling to know it’s reciprocated. ♥♥♥*life-given*

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