“Goose Bumps” – something new and spectacular is about to happen. Be prepared to be amazed!


I mentioned numbers and water, but I didn’t acknowledge the most blatant of good tidings from the universe. Well for starters, the numbers were clear, but I still have yet to grasp exactly what water has to do in the great grand scheme of my life. Nonetheless, being from backwoods [n]ative American roots I am pretty hip to animals/nature: spirit guides to be more specific. Okay, so this is not a post for the skeptic or the close-minded, but those of you who rely on nature to guide you more than your GPS. That is I, and growing more in tune each day is Frank.

So, for the last two weeks we have not been able to sit still. On average we operate on maybe four decent hours asleep a night: and some days that is indeed a luxury of sorts. Lately, as you know, more and more of life and business has been keeping us physically, mentally, spiritually and intimately busy. Yet, the most time consuming parts of our daily lives brings us no financial gain at present, but do provide many soulful gains—Loveology for me and All Law for King. I guess you could say these are our gifts to fallen humanity . . . after all the Almighty saw it fit to shower me in unequivocal love from birth and likewise Frank, along with I’m sure more law and political bouts than he ever could have dreamt.

Well, to say the least it has been hard to maintain sanity and clarity. Any given day one of us is conflicted— facing a standstill or somewhat of a writer’s block . . . a disconnect from the voices within. Normally when this happens we stop and take a break from life and recoup. However, now feels like crunch time for many of our 2016 major plans. So this is why I began praying for signs. Praying for confidence, direction and strength.

And behold, I’d be a dirty little liar if I didn’t acknowledge that signs came flying from all over this week. . . right into plain sight.

First came the numbers: many familiar sequences, everywhere—in places, at moments and from lips unexpected. Then there were the hawks. The one that plotted and circled with care, glided from the tree tops along I-70 West and snagged its prey from behind with no resistance—stealth and tact. And the giant one, perched with great focus atop a lamp globe beside HWY 100 East. Apparently he was watching for us; waiting to send out our coordinates forth, because next came the two Canada Geese—flockless, but no less in perfect harmony. Accelerating mid-flight to roughly 104 kilometers per hour, as if they were in full pursuit of something. We watch them spiral down, right above the sunroof, then glide gracefully and intently in front of our car—positioning themselves directly in line with our rear view mirror for all of 15 seconds. Then they take to the sky again, disappearing into the trees still in perfect synchronization; never compromising formation.

I imagine, no matter how ridiculously irate it may seem—I imagine when the giant hawk spotted our vehicle our Angels, the messengers of the cosmos, said to those majestic geese “There they are! go now . . . show them how to forge ahead with majestic confidence.”

We heed all signs.

Goose – Spirit Animal/Guide/Totem

• Bravery
• Loyalty
• Teamwork
• Confidence
• Protection
• Fellowship
• Communication
• Determination

Forge ahead with confidence.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrCHz1gwzTo&w=560&h=315]

Monday will be a post filled day! so stay tuned Loves. ♥

For more on Angels, spirit guides, numerology and angel numbers visit P.S. I Love You.


♥ Egypt

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