Love is the constant passenger in my train of thoughts. And I am heading towards your station.

— ♥ Dodinsky

  1. We found love rising from the black smoke down by the railroad tracks when Good Ole’ Mountain Thunder rolled up to the turntable.
  2. My locs are the length of our ever-so budding relationship; with many years to grow, and no severing shears in sight.
  3. Our original Instagram accounts were created a few weeks after we started dating and are still an accurate reflection of our ever changing lives.

Long Live & Roll good ole’ Mountain Thunder, Engine 734 :

I cannot lie to you, plus you know this to be true of my nature—I shed a bitter tear. upon falling across this announcement. Know that this train still gives me chills. I just pray this great spirit of the mountains is back up and running in pristine condition when it is time for OUR DEAR REIGN to go for a ride through the woodlands on the engine that saved us . . .♥


5 years behind us. . . Now only 80 years plus forever to go!


♥ Egypt

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