#MCM | Destination: Off the Grid

Do it for the love
Do it for the bread.
–King Frank – Money x Power

LoveTrips-Him-His-Phone-Priorities-Business-Success-Relationship-GoalsI could sit here and say I don’t have my days—my “woman how fxcking old are we temper-tantrum” days—but . . .I’d be lying.

Not to fear though, they mostly only spring up when Frank has invested the majority of his waking hours working via his laptop, phone or study materials. And usually I’ve exhausted all of my “business/schooling” tasks and busy-work. Thus, these are the moments I find myself checking Her, the whiny-butt “pwease talk to me…I’m bored” brat baby who borrows my body from time to time.

I often reflect on that statement of up there↑↑↑—sometimes not as often as I should–but I do nonetheless.

See, I’m pretty darn confident when I say Frank and I share just about our entire existence with each other. For the most part we spend about 70% of the week stuck under one another’s armpits. So I guess it should almost go without saying we know all, and are sharing all of each other’s dreams, aspirations and goals in some form or another.      Urgh! so that being said, as much as I hate to admit it I cannot complain but so much about Frank’s constant focus on His grind.      After all I have seen the benefits thus far of a hard-working, goal-oriented Man. . . . But between you and I—and Him of course—He knows who’s boss!      And you can bet your bottom dollar when grind season is over for 2016, we’re going on a technology hiatus—off the grid for some much needed quiddle* time.



*quiddle – quiet cuddle time.

Shout out and ♥ to Queen Mother Carol for her constant poetic inspiration, and Her fun coined word “quiedise” <–go ahead CLICK!

12 thoughts on “#MCM | Destination: Off the Grid

    • Egypt English says:

      Lolz! Nena you are talking to the wrong person!!! If I make as much time for it as possible I would never get anything done LMBO: ultimately procrastination would begin to tear my productivity stats to pieces. My biggest thing is still like we talked about before–balance, and some days it’s motivation. I swear I have so many things I must do that I honestly just don’t care to do, and that’s when the motivation drainage happens. Eh, enough. . . Thanks lovie! :-*

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