Heritage (A tribal mind: ‘nothing matters more than the soul of Man’.):

  • Cherish your foundations: know your herstory and your history.
  • Keep your morals: do only what aligns with your spiritual values.
  • Every mouth eats (where there is good food there is good progress).
    • #The3BasicFoodGrps: Nutrition, Education, Spirit*-*

The Premise

So, I’ve been on the journey to find all of myself lately — mind, body, spirit and soul. Boy O! boy has it been intense. But fun nonetheless. See, I stand on the foundation, if you would seek humbly, but demandingly; and with fear, but also much want you shall and most abundantly will receive.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

— Matthew 7:7 {New Living Tanslation}

Tribal Mindstate

None of this really begin with a planned quest for the next level of self. I actually started off just expressing myself through my crafts, Frank’s crafts and our business ventures. For example, ever since I threw the tradition publishing rule book out of the window my company has turned into somewhat of a Mass Collectivum*—now composed of a plethora of faces, spaces, times and craftscapes* waiting for their online releases into Twenty-sixteen. Frank’s  respective crafts are no different in that regard, and many of our friends and colleagues share our vision for a revolution in craft and individualism.

Art like Wild Fire

The former acknowledged, I fell in love with a lot at very young age: painting, writing, music and dance being my major concentrations present day. My Didd’a is a master artist, handyman and spaghetti maker :-P… my Maa, a master of seamstry, alterations, and gardening… my Bruhski, a master of any and all things hands-and-feet on…and my Poonie, eh she took after Didd’a, and is now forging her own path into computer/gaming animation. See, I grew up in a familia filled with loads of subconscious and honest competition. I was surrounded by craftsmen and women—never spared a moment from the realms of artistry.

Thus, somehow I became the Jack-of-all-Trades en la familia. But I never liked the saying of old folks to young folks “You’ll be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.” Talk about a Debbie Downer.  I mean what does that even mean?. . . doesn’t one have to be a jack-of-all-trades in some sense to find out what he or she prefers to do with their time and does not and does not.


I image my Poppa Johnnie Lee Royal would have spat at the thought of not being able to experience one’s highest potential. After all, at the young age of 14 he took himself, his younger brother and sister and ran away from the Cherokee Indian Reservation of North Carolina, all because their Cherokee/Saponi mix made them outcasts among their own bloodlines in color-coded nineteen-twenty. He was then tasked with being a master of all trades, navigation, carpentry, steel-work, nursing and more in order to provide for two young mouths and himself with no shelter to call home.

I know if it wasn’t for my Great Great Nannah Sallee whispering from afar something of the sort “go and you shall find better, do and you shall succeed…” my Madre would not be the intelligent, spiritually-aware, and most importantly the god-fearing woman I know today.       I would not be the I, that I am  today. 


That is Heritage. That is to Know Thy Self.

I know love, courage, ambition, and not to mention royalty runs rampant in my blood. I sat out on a mission to find names for  faces and tales. So, I took what I knew from my Mother’s memories: John Lee Royal, mother died in his youth, ran away from reservation, Pittsylvania County and other little bits and pieces—I sought.      I found things I never dreamt I would. I sit back in awe looking through the names of his sisters and brothers he was too young to recall names of, the names of his adopted family he lived with on the reservation, and most humbling His Certificate of Marriage to our Nannah Beulah.

 Love You All,

—♥ Egypt


Collectivum – [latin] collective, collection.

Craftscape – [Egypt E] – to escape into the art realm by way of one’s crafts.

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